Garden sprayers application disinfection


Garden sprayers application

Garden sprayers application, the garden sprayer usually used for greenhouse, garden, household, agriculture, pesticide,Disinfection and deratisation, Painting and whitewashing and other field.




Garden sprayers application can be used for:

– plant protection treatments – spraying insecticides,

herbicides, and fungicides for weed and insect control

– liquid fertilization

– pollination treatments of plants in greenhouses

– shading the walls of greenhouses in the warm weather (Profession Plus)

– limewashing the trunks of trees (Profession Plus)

To make the work more comfortable the compression sprayers and knapsacks are equipped in telescopic lances with regulated length from 85 to 135 cm. All nozzles and many parts can be interchanged between different models. When spraying high trees extensions can be used which lengthen the lance by 60 or 100 cm.


garden sprayer application





The knapsack sprayers and compression sprayers can be used for spraying vegetable plantations with plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers.



Especially the small models are useful for sprinkling the potplants in the house and on balconies. The sprinklers can also be used for ironing.


Disinfection and deratisation

Due to resistant seals and other elements the compression sprayers and knapsacks can be used for applying the aggressive disinfecting chemicals in inventory buildings, store rooms, cellars and greenhouses.

The sprayers are also very useful in:

– disinfection and sanitation in warehouses, hospitals, and public buildings

– preventing the spread of the diseases eg. foot and mouth disease

– disinfecting the ground after flood

– removing the mould from the walls.


Painting and whitewashing

Model Profession 12 Plus, which is equipped in a special mixer and a set of nozzles, can be used not only for spraying liquids but also emulsions. It can be used for painting the outside walls and inventary buildings with water based paints, for whitewashing the trees and for shading the walls of greenhouses.



The compression sprayers, especially the Autowasher, can be used for washing cars and machines without the necessity of having the connection to the source running water.



Profession 12 and especially Profession 12 Plus can find application on a building site. They can be used for moistening the plaster, concret curing, applying chemicals used for walls. Profession Plus can also be used for painting with water based paints.


Camping and travelling

Clean and not used for spraying chemicals before compression sprayers are an ideal source of water during long journeys and on campsites. They can be used for washing and refreshing.



six points for Garden sprayers application  tips:

  • Measure the exact amount of material required for the job.
  • Adjust the spray precisely from coarse, drenching coverage to a very fine mist to a long-range pinpointed stream.
  • Start and stop the spray quickly and at will.
  • Prevent overspraying by using the long-reaching hose and spray wand.
  • Spray up or down as well as underneath leaves (where most insects and plant diseases can be found.
  • Buy concentrated lawn and garden treatment materials, which in many cases are more cost-effective than the premixed versions.

Before choosing a garden sprayer, you must identify the problem. Some areas can be spot-treated with small amounts of pesticide, other areas (lawns or large gardens) need a larger-capacity sprayer. Sprayer sizes vary greatly, from 1 quart to 4 gallons, so finding a model to fit various gardening needs won’t be hard.

It’s recommended that gardeners have at least two sprayers, one for herbicide and one for pesticide. This isn’t a sales gimmick; the residue from many herbicides is difficult to completely remove form inside a sprayer tank. This leftover residue could potentially harm other areas if the sprayer is used there. Plus, it’s not a good idea to mix pesticides. Make sure you label each sprayer appropriately.

Remember that both synthetic (man-made) chemicals as well as organic materials like dormant oils can be applied with garden sprayers.

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