Thermal Fogging Machine-application- livestock farm


Thermal Fogging Machine-application- livestock


Thermal Fogging Machine is a light, high—efficiency, save—chemical, less—pollution machine.The motive-power of this products is designed a jet motor without moving friction parts.Its merits are:Simple construction, convenient use and maintenance, long life, high efficiency and prevention—cure large area crops in short time;Save chemical 33g/acre;Pollution less than 1/30 of the ordinary sprayer, It can be used in the vegetable garden, orchard, grassland and environmental protection of the cities and towns.The grain size of the smoke and fog is less than 50um, Jetting distance (included diffusing) can reach 20meters.It sprays out the mist with better adhesion and strong anti-erosion of rainfall. 

Thermal Fogging Machine application-livestock farm

Thermal Fogging Machine-application- livestock
(1) Prevention and cure of the disease and insect pest for nursery garden, orchard and tea garden;
(2) Prevention and cure of the disease and insect pest for cotton, wheat, rice, corn and so on the crops in the fields;
(3) Prevention and cure of the disease and insect pest for the flower and plant in the garden, for the vegetable garden and plants in the large shelter covered with plastic film;
(4) Sanitation and sterilization of the hospital, large assembly hall, cinema, theater, railway station and dock;
(5) Sterilization and deinsectization of the sewer, routeway of central heating , basement, air- raid shelter and all kinds of storehouse in the city.
(6) Sterilization for cows, horses, pigs, chickens and so on domestic animal in the feedlot
(7) Kill flies and sterilization of the rubbish heap, toilet.Specially for rubbish channel and container of the high floor buildings;

(8) Destruction “rhinosporidicsis” of sheep, deinsectization rate can reach to 98%.


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